What's Included In The Retrain Your Brain To Master It All Program?
Section 1: Who Are You and What’s Your Potential In Life:  
You will discover your strengths and struggles and learn to acknowledge the fear and barriers that may be causing you to procrastinate. You’ll learn what cognitive priming is and how to implement this into your life.
Section 2: Let’s Talk About You:  

You will learn the process of goal setting and how to utilize your conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds. You will develop your “why” and learn the power of positive affirmations, what your values are and how to plan your perfect life.
Section 3: Invisible Laws of the Universe: 

You will have a better understanding of how to use the Law of Cause and Effect, Laws of Attraction and other laws to your draw information to you, to help you become successful.

You will learn how to put up your antenna up and draw in the electromagnetic information that is out in the universe, waiting to help you achieve any goals that you are setting.
Section 4: Daily Brain Training – Neural Changing Techniques:  
You will learn to make a clear and precise plan for your future. You will learn concentration exercises and the power of relaxation, cognitive mindfulness and positive affirmations. You will begin developing habits and rituals that will ensure your success and help spark your imagination, which strengthening your brain.
Section 5: Brain Facts: 
In order to control your team at work, you need to know their names and what task each performs, daily. Therefore, you need to understand the different parts of your brain, its functions and how to control it to be successful.
Section 6: Goal Setting:  
Discover your purpose in life by uncovering your current attitudes, beliefs and mindsets for action. Learn the exact steps to take, in order to be success. 36 goal setting templates; daily, weekly, yearly plans for wealth, career, charity & volunteering, obtaining balance and relationships. 
Section 7 Setting Goals: 
You’ll receive Jodi’s Proven Blueprint For Success along with 36 goal setting templates; daily, weekly, yearly plans for wealth, career, charity & volunteering, obtaining balance and relationships.

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In Retrain Your Brain To Master It All you will receive:

1. 134 page Transcript Guide
2. Achiever’s Action Guide
3. Jodi’s Exact Blueprint for Success
4. Play by Play, Achiever’s Action Guide
5. Weekly VIP Coaching & Support in our FB group
6. Access To Our Mastermind Group On FB

The program also offers 5 Daily Brain Training Audio Files: 

1. Subliminal Brain Training
2. Relax Your Mind
3. Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy
4. Contraction Relaxation
5. Auditory Brain Training and Neural Changing audio
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